• Life Update,  Site Update

    Birthday Blues

    Yesterday was my birthday, and while I said in my previous post that I would try to post before my birthday, I was unable to do so. I have turned 30, and I honestly don’t feel that way, I’m more feeling like I’m still at the beginning of my 20s.

  • Life Update

    In about four weeks 2022 will be over.

    Not going to lie, when I found out about this I was in shock and I needed a moment to realize. I took it a little with a grain of salt, of course, because it honestly didn’t feel like it, so it’s rather scary how fast the time goes within the blink of an eye.

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    Autumn vibes.

    Autumn has always been my favorite season, and that won’t change. I like drinking hot chocolate or chai latte or even (homemade) pumpkin spice latte these days and do my usual stuff. Autumn keeps me inspired on many things, and just like this year, nothing much has changed.

  • Life Update

    What a month.

    A little notice to those, who haven’t changed my link to the new one yet: Coming September 21st heimdallr.moe will expire and I won’t renew it! Please change the URL to feyradio.me and change buttons too while you’re at it! Thank you very much! And now that this is out of the way, it is about time I actually rise from the dead, even though we do not have Halloween yet.

  • Life Update

    Baby steps, but we’re getting there.

    The past few weeks were quite a rollercoaster, but here I am finally posting about the experiences of the past weeks, ’cause a lot has happened. I have been pretty much busy and occupied with different interests. As someone having ADHD, my hyperfixations change a lot, and right now it’s Ensemble Stars, Twisted Wonderland and Hypnosis Mic. Hell, I even returned to Tumblr RP and gathered myself a bunch of new friends I can write and plot stuff with. I feel like I’ve been stung by some kind of positivity bee and I am thriving.

  • Site Update


    … and welcome to FEYRADIO! Yes, you might ask “Huh, Fey, why did you change this site? What happened?”, and to be frank I can fully understand. This is the first time I change my site like that, and I can explain everything.