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Birthday comeback!

Happy birthday, Heimdallr! You’re one year old, and I am quite surprised you lasted that long! I can’t believe it myself honestly, and I am glad and happy I managed to celebrate the first birthday as well. You may see that a lot has changed here. Yes, I have finally decided to use a CMS, and it’s good, ol’ WordPress. As much as I still prefer doing my stuff vanilla-style and code everything by scratch, I really believe that WordPress would actually make things easier for me, as I have planned to make Heimdallr a bit more than just about graphics and me.

Yes, what I mean by that is: I will write more than just general life updates– I want to write about the things I like, be passionate about them, you know… the usual hyperfixating stuff. I could have continued on going all vanilla with that of course, but with a blogging platform, it would make things easier for me, so I hope you like the change as much as I do, since it wasn’t an easy choice. But we all have to listen to our gut and to find a way to make things easier, right? Good. My first idea was making a separate blog for that though, but I don’t see the reason on starting a new project when my other projects are either not done or put on a halt until I finish another one first. It would just mess up with my schedule.


Speaking of projects: Now that Heimdallr 2.0 has been launched, I can probably try to focus on my other projects, such as Reverie.NU, which still needs to be finished coding wise, aside from another fanlisting shrine, that will officially launch along with Reverie.NU.


And I guess right now, I will take a good and well-deserved break– if you see something missing or any errors on your behalf, feel free to tell me! Also, let me know what you think of new Heimdallr, I am open for feedback as usual!


So far so good, until next post and have a good one!

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