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Sweet Magic TCG

It was about a year ago when the idea of an own, little TCG has struck me. And of course I was aware of all the time I had to invest in it. But I thought: I want to do it! TCGs are fun, and I enjoy them very much. My first idea was in fact a Magical Girl TCG. And guess what? It’s going to happen!

I am still working on it, which means I need a design and so much more to start with. Lovely Kayori provided the hosting for the site (thank you!! <3) with the MyTCG script. I got to admit that I am not quite versed with this script but I’ve always been the kind who likes to learn new plugins and scripts.

It won’t be an automatic TCG, which means that I have to add several things manually, such as updates and stuff. But that’s not the biggest worry. I don’t have big worries anyway, since I know for a fact that I will work on weekly updates and monthly decks. For now. If there’s more to come, I will announce it.

However… I have officially decided to look for Card Makers, that will help me with the card making. “Okay, but what’s in for them?” you may ask. That is yet to find out how they want to contribute. If they want to help making the TCG work properly and by the member’s desire (e.g. if a member requests or suggests a deck, the card makers can work on that if they want and when they want). But these are all speculations and ideas.

The discord server is ready, and people within the TCG community are willing to join for sneakpeaks, updates and much more:

Please only enter if you’re interested in joining the TCG and/or want to contribute to the launch!

Are people new to online TCG welcome as well? Sure, if they want to give TCG a try, they’re more than welcome! We’ll explain how it works and what you have to do. Please keep in mind that Sweet Magic TCG is NOT automated, which means that you need a tradepost to upload your cards. Luckily there’s Scripts such as eTCG, which makes it easier for you to maintan your cards and not upload them all manually.

Make sure to have your own host for that as well, as I will not provide any hosting in regards of that; I will however try to help you set up eTCG by explaining, just please don’t ask the same thing over a hundred times, and please don’t come back at me for any trouble shooting. Ever since I dealt with eTCG, I never had any mistakes, so I doubt you’ll have any either.

And with that said, I will try to work on Sweet Magic TCG on my free time and whenever I can. Launched is scheduled in early fall, or even earlier, depending on how fast progress goes from now on!

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