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Alive and well.

… I’ve just been busy. I was this close to a burnout in August, so I had to take a well-deserved break at the beginning of September, even for just three work days. It still made me feel better. Due to the fact I am coming to work with a bicycle every morning (and my body STILL isn’t grateful for this treatment) I get exhausted pretty easily, which results in me lurking most of the day.

Aside from that, I have been playing lots of games and streaming on twitch with a regular schedule. Most featured game I’m streaming is Trails of Cold Steel I, since it’s a JRPG that takes at least 50 hours to finish (and I’m nowhere near the half of the game). Aside from Cold Steel, I sometimes stream Minecraft or other games I enjoy. Yesterday, I streamed Bioshock Infinite.

I’d love to stream VALORANT, but I doubt that my PC can handle the stream and might result into a lag fest. I should play VALORANT more anyway, was I am looking forward for the competitive mode, even though I’ve never been the type to enjoy competitive modes due to experiences I witnessed in Overwatch back in the day. But we’ll see how it goes.

My twitch is finnlley, by the way, if you’re curious.

Due to this I’ve been neglecting everything site-wise unfortunately, but I could also call it a little slump as well. Now that I’m gathering more power again, I am looking forward to post more content at the time. I can’t promise for much, but I hope that it would be enough to please the visitors I have.

Autumn is getting close, and for me it’s my favorite season. It’s sweater weather, and I use this weather to write and read a lot. I have preordered a new book, which should arrive in October. Aside from that, Endwalker is about to come in November as well. Considering I preordered it, I’ll be enjoying the Early Access as well.

I am already very excited, despite having missed the Live Letter last night. Yet I woke up and tried to recap what was new. And it was good. I am so ready for the Dragoon and Black Mage changes, as well as Reaper. Fuck yeah, gimme.

Alrighty, that’s all on my side. New posts will hopefully come more frequently now, so again I am sorry for being quiet. I hope you’re have a good one, and until next post.

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