In about four weeks 2022 will be over.

Not going to lie, when I found out about this I was in shock and I needed a moment to realize. I took it a little with a grain of salt, of course, because it honestly didn’t feel like it, so it’s rather scary how fast the time goes within the blink of an eye.

I’ve been pretty silent. I am currently battling Covid, but I can assure you I am not going through the worst. Covid’s nothing but a cold to me, that just has a tiny label with certain restrictions. It all started last sunday when I woke up to a sore throat and stuffed nose and first thought “Oh I just caught a cold, it might go away soon.

On Monday I realized that it didn’t go away and, to avoid any precautions I called off work and called my doctor for an appointment. I was advised to make a rapid test before attending, so I went to do so and headed to the pharmacy to get myself a FPP2 face mask and a rapid test.

Unfortunately the rapid test I bought was kinda funky and didn’t work at all, so I risked it and headed to the closest rapid test station. About 20 minutes later I received the test result and it was positive. I called my doctor and told them that my rapid test was positive. So they told me to make a PCR test when arriving.

It took them around 36 hours to actually give me the result and… yeah. Positive.

Covid hasn’t done really bad stuff on me, as it’s just a sore throat, dry cough and stuffed nose; no fever, my taste or smell hasn’t dissipated either. I really can consider myself lucky. As of today, I am still positive, but we’ll see how the next days will go.

UPDATE Dec 2nd: My taste and smell are gone. I really hope this will be temporarily cause, as someone who loves food and cooking, it sucks a whole lot.

Anyways, moving on.

I believe I mentioned I’d have a MRE appointment around the end of October, well about two weeks ago I finally got the diagnosis on what has come out and… I already had a hunch that it would be like this: A disc prolapse on my left shoulder.

I remember mentioning about my pain on my left shoulder, and how it hasn’t gone away since sometime at the end of July. First I thought it was nothing too critical, and it would go away but it hasn’t gone away. Sometimes there are days where I don’t feel it as much, and then there are days where it is really bad to the point I can’t work or do anything, and I had to lay on the couch possibly the entire day.

Yeah, disc prolapse sounds like the worst thing ever, worst case however is I might need a surgery, but given the fact I am in not really bad pain to the point I cannot function, I believe the only thing I need is either shots or physical therapy.

My shoulder isn’t hurting right now, sometimes it does and I just deal with it. It won’t kill me for sure.

Due to the series of unfortunate events in the past weeks and days I was unable to prepare the Enstars advent blog calendar, so it’ll have to sit out this year or at all.

I also want to work on some side projects, REVERIE needs a new design and I want to revamp my TCG trade post. Maybe this’ll be something to work on this weekend, if I’m not playing Pokemon or IDV.

Maybe I’ll post more often in December? Who knows. Sitting at home with Covid kinda sucks so… I’ll try to go thru it and fight it like a boss.

Anyway, stay healthy and safe!

Until next post.

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  1. Hope you’ll feel better from the covid hitting you
    It stinks that it got to you. I’ve never had it yet just the normal common cold with the sniffles and sneezes. I usually don’t go out in pubic places unless I’m outside in the backyard with my dogs.

    Stay warm too 😊🌸

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