2022 started with a bang…

… and ended with absolute boredom.

Now, I’ve been trying my utmost to keep yall updated with my IRL stuff. Now let’s just resume the entire year of 2022.

About a year ago in January, I had the suspicion of appendicitis, which didn’t turn out this way. I had to head to the hospital because of that, which was already stressful as it was. Sometime later I found out I’m going to lose my job due to the bankruptcy and, in order to avoid that, I was sent to a place I am still working at to this day. In-between I was accepted into a Vtuber group, yet my streaming career was pretty held back due to work and perpetual fatigue after work.

In summer I found my way back to tumblr RP and am still lurking over there as well. I met new friends and reunited with old ones, it was amazing to be welcomed again in a place you once felt unwelcomed years ago. Even to this day I am still talking with this friends and ship our little characters together, it gives me so much serotonin.

Now about 2023. ‘New year new me’ am I right? I don’t know, I am living my life as is with nothing planned, except for the fact I wanna bar myself from toxic people and things I don’t see any interest in anymore. I have grown over the years with all the therapy and stuff; even though I have to say the best therapy I has was with the best therapist ever: Myself. My personal self growth really came from nowhere but sticking to what I see best and that I don’t need someone to tell me what to do better. This may sound so stupid, but in my case it helped me so much.

I am still dating my boyfriend, and this for four years. Yes, we haven’t seen each other in person but video chats, but to be honest I don’t mind either way. He’s currently going through a lot, and I accept the way it is, considering I am very much asexual and can’t see myself having sex with someone anyway.

Also I finally wanna stop sitting around and do something. Perhaps meeting with friends once in a while, my plan was to visit a friend in Berlin sometime in summer, visit concerts or theatres, do other things that keep me out of my place. I miss the time I was living in Luxembourg City like over ten years ago and had so many opportunities. In my place there’s absolutely nothing, so maybe there will be a time in which I would travel to cities back and forth to see and enjoy things.

So far so good, aside from the flu I caught when I was visiting family, I have been well. I didn’t get much but money to buy myself Nier Automata for Switch, which I can highly recommend. Great game, great story. Yoko Taro, great man, even though he tends to rip out my heart over and over.

I got myself a Pokemon Puzzle of 1000 pieces, which I should eventually continue. My mother wants me to show the progress once in a while. So I might do that as well.

That’s all I have to say, we’ll see each other when I find the time and motivation again. Perhaps in February again, before or after my birthday.

Until next post.

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