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Birthday Blues

Yesterday was my birthday, and while I said in my previous post that I would try to post before my birthday, I was unable to do so. I have turned 30, and I honestly don’t feel that way, I’m more feeling like I’m still at the beginning of my 20s.

Yesterday was kinda nice. I was streaming VRChat with some friends, then played Don’t Starve Together with a friend and we had lots of fun. It was a little bit uneventful, but nothing to be upset about.

Another thing you might’ve noticed is the sudden change of the theme. To be frank I have no idea where this comes from, but the theme (including several others that I bought) ceased working and I have absolutely no idea why. So as for now you might enjoy this temporary theme while I try to either fix the issue or code my own.

I don’t have much knowledge on coding my own wordpress theme, but I’ve always been someone who likes to learn new things, and since I am working on a new project this will be helpful because I want to use a self coded theme anyway.

Anyways, moving on.

Since mid-ish January, I have switched departments at work. I used to do service and retail, now I am working in the kitchen and help prepping meals. Certainly a job I started enjoying to the point I asked chef to have my stay extended because it’s so nice and easy to work at and definitely less stressful. My mind can rest in peace when I’m cutting the veggies, it’s rather nice.

For the future I have nothing much to do except for living my life as usual. I am trying to get back into coding and designing more at some point, and hope for my writing block to go down as I miss writing but my mind doesn’t like it at some point.

As for now, I hope you’re having a nice one.

Until next post.

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  • nick

    hey fey! schön, dass es doch noch ein paar aktive seiten gibt. XD ich wollte schon länger mal wieder hallo sagen, aber bin irgendwie immer darüber hinweg gekommen.

    alles gute nachträglich übrigens! das mit dem alter kenne ich zu gut. als jugendlicher dachte ich immer, eines tages fühlt man sich im kopf bestimmt “anders”, oder sieht die dinge anders. ich warte immernoch darauf. XD

    viele grüße

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