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    Random rambling and ranting.

    A blogpost one week after the last one? Oh my, what’s going on? Well, I really felt like writing something on this blog and I usually write down how my time was between the last and this post, but nothing much has changed except I’m getting more money this month. I believe Hades really wants to be generous with me, and I think that’s lovely (thank you dad). Buuut anyways. I don’t wanna throw shade somewhere or be heavily negative, but something really pisses me off, and it’s something that just brought me back to memory lane, but not in a good level.

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    Close to a burnout.

    I don’t know if it’s hard to believe that I’m reaching a burnout, but it really feels like it, especially right now. Perhaps it’s just the weather making me feel this way, because we’ve got one heatwave after another, and my body isn’t essentially happy with it.

  • Rant

    A story about abuse.

    This topic is a bit explicit and contains mentions of stalking, cyberbullying and gaslighting. Read at your own responsibility. This is supposed to be a report on something that has happened to me, a victim, and I do not want to harm anyone mentioned either. Names have been changed to protect the people mentioned so you won’t go look them up and chase after them.

  • Web Roaming

    Where to find me.

    I thought I’d make a quick post about the ways on where to find me on social media or for means of E-Mailing. I don’t know if it would be relevant, but I thought I’d mention it anyway.

  • Life Update,  Rant

    It’s been quite turbulent.

    I don’t know where to start, or how to start. I wouldn’t say that much had happened, but with a new schedule and much more, I believe I need a well-deserved break from everything. What a blast, man, I feel like I am overworking myself at some point.

  • Life Update

    Positive advancements (?)

    Since my last post some things have happened. I’d like to say they were all good, because I believe one of them wasn’t good at all, but I am trying to manage with it. Oh, and there’s still issues with my internet and my ISP can’t stress enough to finally contact the tech department and send over a tech guy to fix the issues.

  • Life Update

    I am still alive.

    I have certainly been silent for the couple months, and I am sorry. There are a couple reasons as of why, and I will talk about it of course. Things have turned for the better, but I have not reached everything I was bound to, but each on its own.

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    2022 not hitting well.

    I am very late, but happy new year. And man, I wish it would have started much better than now. I thought I’d have everything under control, until I had to visit the doctor for stomach pain and was later admitted to the hospital, because my doctor was panicking and thinking it could be apendicitis. Turned out I was actually alright, nothing bad happened and it was all a waste of time.